Our customer has to feel exceptional in our country, then he likes to come back. This idea is the foundation of success.

With the coming fall, our company has prepared several major news for our customers.

The legendary Koliba in Prague 11 opens again. It will be our company Naše pivovary s.r.o.which will open it with a new noon concept All you can eat – the snack you can on 11.9. at 11:00 o’clock. In the afternoon and evening, you can enjoy traditional Czech and international cuisine. A specialty will be steaks, fish and other goodies grilled on an open fire with charcoal ..

11.9. 2017 we run the „Food with Story“ project. Our customer will be able to find out the entire birth certificate for the product or raw material. And we start traditionally. From 11.9. 2017 will be served in all our restaurants regularly traditional soup of tuscan sauerkraut in bread, which is for its quality announced not only in the Czech Republic. Manufacturer www.agro-turany.cz/en/zeli. In which restaurants you can taste these goodies, you can check out here: www.nasepivovary.cz

Beef on steaks and other specialties will be directly from farms that herds on the pastures of Bohemian Paradise. AGRA has extensive experience in cattle breeding. Once the meat is matured and adjusted properly, the dishes will be a gourmet experience. Manufacturer: www.agraceskyraj.cz. The Michael Farm, which supplies eggs and meat from its pastures, is also involved in the project. More info about the farm Michael: www.farmamichael.cz.

Over time, we want to produce dishes from quality and proven farms. An interesting thing that the customer will surely appreciate will be fish dishes from our pond, which operates the company. The first trout and candy can be tasted by our customers in October this year.

You do not have to have beer in Munich for Octoberfest. From 16.9. we will offer Munich specialties for festival festivals and Bavarian specialties at reasonable prices. (www.pivniceubazenu.cz, www.ukalendupraha.cz , www.statecnykohout.cz).

1.10. 2017 we will launch the discount portal www.blazevpraze.cz, which will offer discount events and packages in our hotels and restaurants.

1.10. 2017 we will run the booking system www.prahabooking.com for hotel guests. It will work in 5 European countries with the appropriate domain, eg www.pragbooking.com, www.pragabooking.ru etc. (www.hotelehrlich.cz, www.nazamecku.cz, www.hotelalpin.czpartner cooperating hotels: www.farmamichael.cz, www.hotelmichael.cz).

We believe that news will contribute to improving our customer service.