Dear guests,

we are delighted to have visited our restaurant, where 10-course hot meals are prepared on the tables. Then you go to the self-service buffet and pick up any quantity and mix of dishes on the prepared dish. You can access the self-service buffet unlimited. The soup will be poured by our grill staff. We’ll be at your desk with our pick-up service and at the same time set up an account with drinks, a menu (All you can eat 129 CZK) and possibly a salad buffet for 35 CZK.

In order to avoid waste and to keep low prices for high quality, we have introduced a supplement of CZK 60 for unsuitable meals exceeding 120g. You’d better go for food more than to throw away the food.

Hunger has big eyes.

In case you want to take your meal with you, you pay for one menu with an enclosure and a box of 129 CZK.