Restaurant Statečný kohout

The restaurant is located right on site of the Alpin Avion Hotel. It is open from 10 am to 10 pm daily, closing times are indicative. The restaurant offers quality Czech and foreign food prepared exclusively from Czech biofare raw materials. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of wines and Czech beers from small and world-famous breweries. You can taste Budvar 10 °, Cvikov 10 ° unfiltered lager, Cvikov 13 ° semi-dark unfiltered special, Hladov 12 from Novoříš monastery brewery, top fermented RED ALE Mouflon from Kunratic or private label produced according to our recipes – Malý Janek 11 °, Nachmen Janek 14 ° , Black Janek 14 °.
Rezervation: + 420 777 663 222, Budějovická 69, Praha 4

Restaurant Pavlovín

If you like beautiful city parks, you should definitely visit the park near Chodovská Fortress in the Southern Town. A cycle path leads to the park or you can use public transport – metro C – exit of Chodov station, then by bus two stations (Benkov). The modern park with minigolf and the closed children’s playground is ideal for a trip with children and relaxation. In the park there is a modern restaurant, which is renowned for quality cuisine and mainly home desserts and cakes. Products such as carrot cake are already well known and it is worthwhile to taste them. The range is supplemented with ice cream and non-alcoholic beverages. Adults can sit in the shade of the garden with a glass of good wine or beer from the Budvar brewery, the Mayor, Cvikov, Permon and Little Jan.
Rezervation: +420 602 659 257, Mírového hnutí 2353/2, Praha 4

Pivnice u bazénu

If you are a real beer gourmet, you should certainly not omit the multi-brewery pub in the Southern Town, which is renowned for its offer of beers from both Czech and European breweries. The number of beers per pin is about 20 kinds, but after opening the outdoor bar with a garden for about 100 people, the offer will expand. In our assortment you can find products from Malý Janek, Cvikov, Kacov, Gwern, Permon, Matuška, Mayor, Budvar, Hladov, Kunratice, Rychnov, Zemský brewery, Malešov etc .. The quality beer is served with home smoked smoked sausages pate, drowning, roasted knees, ribs, chicken honey wings and other amazing goodies from classic Czech cuisine.,
Rezervation: +420 602 659 257, Mírového hnutí 2137/7, Praha 4

Restaurant U Kalendů

Who would not know the renowned restaurant U Kalendů Na Rašínově nábřeží u Vltavy, which we visited as a student. Calendars are not just good food and drink, but it’s especially a place where people from all sorts of social circles meet with one wish … to relax from the worries and pitfalls of the big city. It is exceptional for traditional Czech cuisine and the quality of Czech beers. From the pin you can enjoy Pilsner Urquell, Weizenbier from the Mayor, IPU from Malešova, Black 14 ° cooked in Hostomice and other specials. At the restaurant there is a gallery of Czech and world masters that will delight your eye. When visiting the gallery, you can sit over coffee and confectionery products from home cooking.
Rezervation: + 420 737 882 434, Rašínovo nábřeží 58, Praha 2